Over time the collagen fibers in our skin stretch and lose their elasticity causing the skin to sag. Your body also loses its natural ability to produce new collagen. By applying heat to the collagen-rich layers of the skin during a Thermage treatment, your body actually produces new collagen and remodels the collagen that was stretched out with age, creating a smooth effect on the skin surface.

During a Thermage treatment, bulk heating as much of the collagen as possible to therapeutic temperatures is the key to maximizing immediate and lasting results. Bulk heating is the ability to heat the complete volume of the collagen-rich skin layers to these therapeutic temperatures. Therapeutic temperatures are the point at which the body starts to form new, more elasticized layers. However, depending on how this RF energy is delivered, patients’ results, comfort and safety can vary greatly.

The heat generated by the radiofrequency treatment induces a natural repair process in the skin that both improves the surface appearance of the skin and addresses age-related breakdown of collagen in the skin. Thermage uses a patented RF delivery system, which enables the bulk heating to be dispersed evenly through the skin layers safely and comfortably for the patients and allows practitioners to deliver more effective therapeutic heat into the treatment areas, with highly positive results. The treatment is delivered without breaking the skin surface so patients have the benefits of little or no downtime and few potential adverse effects.

Benefits of Thermage CPT

3rd Generation Cool Pulse Technology

Superior results: the bulk heating treats the complete volume of tissue with each pulse delivery, which allows multiple layers of tissue to be heated to effective temperatures for better and quicker results and in a safe manner;

Unprecedented comfort: vibrating handpiece and pulsating energy along with cooling bursts ensure superior patient comfort;

High patient satisfaction: patients are seeing visible results on their face, jowls, neck and other body areas off the table and the results continue to improve over time;

Consistent results: the uniformity of the bulk heating delivers the best results;

Proven safety: proven results through 1 million+ treatments worldwide;

Excellent history: 10+ years of innovation to this effective and safe treatment;

Backed by peer research: 50+ peer-reviewed articles.


Who is the ideal candidate for a Thermage treatment utilizing bulk heating?

Themage is an ideal treatment for the patient who is interested in improving their appearance but cautious about causing even temporary damage to their skin. This treatment will tone, help smooth and contour the skin safely on most body parts, including the face, eyes, tummy, arms, hands, thighs and buttocks. The best candidates for Thermage are patients aged 35 or older, with mild to moderate skin laxity.