26 February 2015
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26 February 2015,


Innovations Medspa and Dr. Bill Johnson were asked to do a pre-launch clinical study
on the new Thermage CPT system. Innovations Medspa performed 15 procedures
within a 2 day period of time. This is video from the clinical study. Notice, the patient
is not medicated, and is very comfortable. Technician Reasha Hedke is treating at a
high energy level which would have needed pre-medication on the previous Thermage
technology. The procedure takes an average of 45 min to perform and you can return
to work or daily activities right after.

This is very significant difference in the Thermage deviceIt hurts much
less, 50-60% reduction in discomfort, and seems to go by much faster. My
experience with 1000 pulses today was much better than the 600 pulse
treatment I had last time Bill Johnson, M.D.

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